Advice on writing a CV

By Lubna Waheed


Writing a good CV can be very daunting and difficult especially when you have never written one before! However it’s nothing to worry about and quite simple once you get hang of the structure of one.


Before explaining the structure here are a few key points to a successful content in a CV.


  • Keep it to two pages maximum- you don’t want to overload the employer with too much to read as it can be off putting for them!
  • Keep it real! Try to keep it punchy and to the point; you can always add the little things you wanted to say for the interviews! That doesn’t mean you miss out the main points though!
  • Tailor it. Change your CV according to the job you are applying for! For every job you apply make changes that will appeal to that specific employer. (For example truthfully emphasise on the skills you have that are vital for that particular job).
  • Don’t leave any gaps. If you haven’t had any previous jobs then you can always go out and try for some volunteering jobs or obtain a good course in favour for the job you are looking for!
  • Update! Keep your CV up to date whether you’re looking for a job or not.
  • Always tell the truth! This is key for us as Ahmadi Muslims! Needless to explain how telling the truth benefits us, it is also something we should always be in a habit of anyway J
  • Make it look good. This could be done by making sure there is a set structure, using bullet points and keeping your sentences short.
  • Keep it friendly and honest! Make yourself sound like a person that they would want to work with! Make yourself seem confident and capable for the job but avoid seeming too overconfident!
  • Remember you are a crucial example of the Ahmadiyya Jama’at therefore make sure you exhibit the attributes of peace and kindness even from the paper of the CV to the interview with the employer and to the workplace that you may end working in!


Here are the main headings of the sections that are required in a CV and some ideas of what things you should add under these headings!


Personal details:




-Contact: No./email


Profile Statement (optional):

 You may want to make this statement bold, to stand out. Remember, the reader may have hundreds of CVs to sift through for a post, so well-chosen (honest) words, which allow them to picture you as a fit to their requirements, are going to help them as much as yourself.  This is the part of your CV, which you may decide to tailor for a specific job opportunity.


Keep this short but descriptive. Don’t assume an employer will see how your experience relates to their job. Instead, use this short personal statement to explain why you are the best person for the job.



 Make sure you add which year you attended the different places of education including the full name of each school etc.


Start from your secondary education; achieving GCSE qualifications (list your subjects and grades)


Then list your college information; A-level qualifications  (list your subjects and grades)


University education; course that you may still be studying and what degree you will be achieving once your done.


Past employments/ Work Experiences/ volunteer work:

 Name, dates working between (part time/full time). Briefly explain the job role and briefly list the skills that you acquired from the job.


Make sure you clearly distinguish between which was for work experiences and job employments. Also list the volunteer jobs clearly too as these kind of jobs make you stand out more!


Achievements and interests:


Add all sorts of achievements/certificates/trophies you may have been rewarded by schools or any other academic or athletic events. Here is the space to present the broadness of your hobbies and skills. From kicking a ball into the net in football to having your nose stuck in a book and loving to read, write about all your hobbies! It would do you even more good if you add the skills that you gain from your hobbies for example teamwork skills through playing football!


Something to our advantage are achievements that you may have received in the Jama’at for example at Ijtemas! These represent your ability and will to strive to

achieve something which is always appealing to the reader! Also helping out at our community ‘annual convention’ (known as Jalsa Salana to us) also represents skills of teamwork, will to work and time management!



 You can give references of the previous employers or university tutors, anyone willing to give you a good reference!



These are the key information that are required and looked for in a CV! Stick to honesty and take your time to work on your CV and God Willing you will InshAllah achieve the perfect CV for the job that God will bless you with!


Good luck and remember always remember to pray for what’s best from Allah Almighty!