Noble Wives of the Holy Prophet (sa)

We reproduce a series of articles on the most noble wives of the Holy Prophetsa by respected Hafiz Muzzafar Ahmad Sahib from Rabwah as published in the Review of Religions. Links to the original articles are provided with each article.


Introduction to the series – from the Review of Religions

The lives of the Prophet Muhammad (sa), his wives and the women of early Islam are often portrayed by numerous Western historians and scholars in a negative light. This is largely based on inaccurate historical material or without consulting original sources. This misinformation has been disseminated in the media, magazines and news reports forming an adverse image of the women of early Islam to the world. The Review of Religions has commissioned a special series on the wives and female Companions of the Holy Prophet (sa) to present the true life stories of the noble women of early Islam. Our purpose is not to individually respond to such historians, but only to present the actual history and to let our readers make up their own minds, based on facts.


 The author – from the Review of Religions

Hafiz Muzaffar Ahmad is an eminent scholar of the Holy Qur’an, Hadith and Islamic history. The ‘Hafiz’ in his name denotes that he has memorised the entire Holy Qur’an by heart. He has authored several books, including on the life of the Holy Prophet (sa) and his Companions. He is a regular panellist on the popular religious discussion programme, ‘Rahe Huda’, which broadcasts on Muslim Television Ahmadiyya International (